chess pieces on chess board

Welcome to LA Chess Coach!

Our goal is to make learning chess a warm, pleasant experience. Not stuffy! 

Chess provides many, study proven, benefits, including improvements in memory, planning, empathy, and creativity, but the best part of chess is that it's fun! That's the mantra of LA Chess Coach: keep chess fun :)

Right now, we are a team of one. Hi, it's me, Anthony Householder; I'm the coach. As of now, I coach over thirty students of all age ranges. I use my history as an improv coach, bar trainer, and chess enthusiast to teach anyone who wants to learn this game I love. 

This website is mainly here to give you a place to find me. My rate is $60/hr for in person coaching (I come to you) or $50/hr for online coaching. For children, I highly recommend in person coaching unless your child is already a chess enthusiast.